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A Bag of Gold

Chris Lott, Ruminate, Aug 14, 2009

Chris Lott summarizes Gardner Campbell: "Gardner puts forth a premise that we should be teaching using narrative, curation and sharing. We all like to talk about the regressive factors that hold us back: institutional lethargy, recalcitrant educators, simple fear, technological complexity. But worse still is that as much as those factors exist, progress towards this vision of education is impeded by people at the front. Creating narrative is thwarted by concerns about community building and identity. Curation is pushed back by far-leaning constructivists and discovery-based educational theory promoting leading from behind. Efforts at sharing crumble and dissolve beneath the weight of arguments over licensing and which space should be used. Despite the clarity of these three simple concepts-narrate, curate, share-the world feels exceedingly dark." Here is the video recording of Campbell's memorable presentation.

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