International Development of ePortfolio Model
Jul 25, 2009
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I just want to say, the picture of e-portfolios is looking more and more like the picture of personal learning environments, a convergence that was probably inevitable. Total: 561
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Re: International Development of ePortfolio Model

Helen's model is useful and clear. Thanks.

The recent Eifel/London Learning Forum conference on e-portfolios raised some interesing issues about e-portfolios. The one that really struck me is the distinction between what I call 'Instrumental Reflection' as opposed to 'Ontological reflection' - or reflection confined to increasing the efficiency of predetermined tasks versus reflection as an open, interactive process for exploring, articulating and representing emerging identity.

This was picked up, to some extent, by some of the keynote speakers, but not at all by any of the session presenters (at least that I attended) all of whom were pretty solidly in the 'instrumental reflection' mode. In the UK this is part of what seems to be an alarming trend to 'instrumentalisation' of HE in general.

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Re: International Development of ePortfolio Model

I agree. PLNs and ePortfoilos are converging - to those that see the shifting nexus of education from the institution to the individual. @jimgroom and @dwarlick have written about this. Jim Groom spoke on campus (Duke Showcase 2009 Keynote) about the subject. And, David Warlick wrote a good blog post as the next 'killer app'.

ePortfoilios seem to have a foothold in the mindset of the institution. Therefore, I see it as the springboard to wider acceptance of the idea of PLN and connectivism.

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