Thoughts on Opera Unite

Chris Messina, Factory Joe, Jun 17, 2009
Commentary by Stephen Downes

So there's all kinds of stuff in reaction to Opera Unite. In this lead item (language warning) Chris Messina offers a detailed analysis, with numerous links, of Unite. Marc Canter says, accurately, "we must focus on the benefits to openness, why owning your data is better and easier."

I've been doing a lot of background reading today, mostly catch-up. I read a report from opera analyst Lawrence Eng detailing more about Unite. To better understand, I worked my way through Opera's Widget documentation and built a demo app for myself. I also read through the W3C's Widgets Landscape document, a good and pretty accessible overview of major initiatives. I also looked at the W3C widget requirement. Some related work: the Webkit open sourc eproject. Also the ongoing HTML 5 specification, which will include client side data storage.
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