The Closure of Trdev

Kobus Kruger, trdev, Jan 23, 2009
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Note that you may need a Yahoo login to view the link, sorry. I have been a subscriber to the TRDEV mailing list for many years, almost always as a lurker. Today I received a post saying "The trdev list will close on January 27. The list's archives have been deleted and the membership database will be deleted at that time." And I am glad I didn't invest a lot of time in it. The archives have already been deleted? While it's true that the list has "never been a democracy," I share the frustration of the member who said, "I am still very surprised and disappointed by the unilateral actions by the TRDEV 'owners.'" How could they think it was appropriate to delete the archives without notice? Participants on ITForum (which shared an administrator) beware.
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