Edublog Awards: The Best 16 Eddies
Dec 22, 2008
Commentary by Stephen Downes

What do the winners of the edublog awards have in common? They are almost all 'teacher' blogs - based in the U.S. K12 system. Almost all of them campaigned for votes, linking early to the edublogs site (the real reason for nomination lists of 20 sites or more) and collecting support by the classroom full. Many of them - and especially the top awards - contained little content about education (not surprising, because education isn't very popular). And most of them follow the Boing Boing style of blogging - light fluffy content supplemented with cutesy images and video. The awards have been fully co-opted, which was inevitable given the selection process. This is a very common phenomenon, and is why awards selections are typically restricted to academies (or Nobel committees) instead of the population at large. Total: 812
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Re: Edublog Awards: The Best 16 Eddies

But how do you feel about it stephen... that's what i want to know. ;-)

Funny that a set of awards run by a Brit and an Auzzie would end up being US K-12 based. What your making here seems like more of a cultural comparison rather than a critique of the awards themselves. While I agree that this kind of selection process does tend to go exactly the way that it did... why is that co-option? It is what it is, and the nobel committee type awards are what they are. Why the need to add a 'qualitative value judgement' to what are, in reality, two things that have nothing to do with each other? I can see why these don't suit the kind of things that you might like, but, if I understand what you mean by co-opted, you're suggesting that there is 'an award' that we are comparing against... whereas, to me, that award granting body is the internet itself. (maybe)

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Re: Edublog Awards: The Best 16 Eddies

Hallelujah! You're not the only one who thinks the Edublog Awards are a waste of time, Stephen: [Comment] [Permalink]

Re: Edublog Awards: The Best 16 Eddies

No sour grapes then Stephen ;)

Seriously though, dontcha think you're taking the whole ivory tower thing a little bit too far?

Also, the day when I declare that the awards are the best place to find edublogs, then I think we'll be in line for some well deserved criticism, but I haven't done that, have I. [Comment] [Permalink]

Re: Edublog Awards: The Best 16 Eddies

There were 210 nominees this year - who were promoted to new audiences and acknowledged for their contributions to our community this year. That included very new bloggers, students and old school bloggers. What a shame that we have to get on our high horses and rant.. when the Eddies are such a lovely way to celebrate what bloggers old and new are doing.

Sure there's an element of 'popularity contest' going on here.. but when did the Eddies profess to be the premier, peer reviewed, industry award for excellence?? I doesnt. This is not the nobel prize or the best teacher award. It's a bit of fun, which promotes our community and allows people to acknowledge their peers and celebrate edublogging in general, and I'm certainly looking forward to supporting it in 09. [Comment] [Permalink]

Re: Edublog Awards: The Best 16 Eddies

Congratulations to the Winners! Congratulations to the nominated, among which I'm honored to be.
And thank you to all the encouragement and support to go through this thrilling experience!
I agree with Miss W in that we must conceive a special student award. Yes, they are the bloggers of the future and must count on us to grow.

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Re: Edublog Awards: The Best 16 Eddies

I'm wondering if we should stop using the term "edublogs" and refer to those who actually write focused educational (and related pedagogical/social) content as pedagogy blogs. [Comment] [Permalink]

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