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Giving credit and stealing credit are themes in today's newsletter. On the one hand - as I'll state several times below - it doesn't matter who gets credit. On the other hand, as we see in this post, traditional media has a reputation for systematically denying credit. We see the same thing in academic media, where authors will only refer to 'the literature' (ie., each other), depriving the people who really did the work any standing or recognition. It's a hard thing to overlook. For my own part, I totally don't want to descend to self-promotion. That way lies the madness of McLuhan. At the same time, I resolutely will not grant to academia or traditional media credit for ideas I know were created in the trenches, sometimes by me, sometimes by very deserving colleagues. The pat-on-the-back crowd gets a lot of press. But it would be wise to keep in mind the equation, that the people seeking the press, have thereby wasted the time it would have taken to achieve any genuine innovation or insight.

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