Google BlogSearch

Various Bloggers, CC BY-NC, Oct 02, 2008
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Here's a site that's ripe for social network analysis. Google's new blog search debuts today. Search results are, um, interesting (My own May 29 post, Introducing Edupunk, is the highest ranked for some reason). But more interesting is the selection of top stories. U.S. politics dominates, of course. But here's where the network analysis comes in - if the WSJ releases an opinion piece, and it is dutifully cited by the same 79 blogs that cite all such pieces of that political bent, should that really count as '79 results'? Or is it just one opinion - the WSJ's - repeated by echo-bloggers 79 times? Meanwhile, WebMonkey and Mashable say this deals Technorati the knock-out blow. See also: Google Blog.
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