Michael Wesch and the Future of Education

Michael Wesch, University of Manitoba, Jul 01, 2008
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Michael Wesch is probably known to most readers for the viral videos that he has produced with his students. This summer he is on a speaking tour and was recently at the University of Manitoba where he spoke about the Future of Education. It is all about media literacy and how he engages his students at Kansas State University. This 66 minute video is well worth the time in order to get a glimpse of how he tries to make students knowledge-able (able to create and critique knowledge) rather than knowledgeable (mind dump education). A few highlights: (1 @ 8:00 mark) The Crisis of Significance (making education significant in the lives of students), (2 @ 9:00) eleven minutes on "if these classroom walls could talk, what would they say" - and how does the WWW blow these assumptions away, (3 @ 45:45) what he does in the classroom to get students to go "beyond the grade," (4 @ 57:00) a five-minute video in a video showing how the students go through 600 years of world history in one 75-minute class period using Netvibes, wikis, Twitter, Jott, etc. - but where the technology is secondary to the F2F collaboration. (Disclaimer: we're related, but I thought this stuff was amazing even before we realized that we're second cousins or third cousins, or something like that) -BD
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