Groundswell Insights - WhyTrainers Often Say, "It Does Not Work"

Ray Jimenez, Vignettes for Training, Jul 01, 2008
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Ray Jimenez reviews the book "Groundswell" and notices parallels with training and education. One problem is that trainers have a tendency to lump all learners in the same group, " ... not all learners may wish or are ready to make comments or participate in discussions, and yet may be willing to do something else. The biggest downside is that, trainers basing on this early experience, tend to conclude that "social learning and networking" does not really work because learners seem not too excited in making comments." Ray breaks learners down into Audience, Actor or Creator and provides advice on techniques for training. This may be a bit simplistic but could be a helpful tool to focus planning. More commentary on this from Christine Martell and Michele Martin. -HJ
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