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It was like a tidal wave over the weekend as large segments of the edublogosphere discovered the social networking and resource sharing site Diigo. The site has been around for a few months; I flagged a resource in my aggregator from Beth Kanter last September on the site. But the flood came over the weekend. Vicki Davis tried blogging directly from it on Thursday. Christy Tucker picked up on that and compared Diigo to and Doug Noon talked about migrating to Diigo from Miguel Guhlin hailed the "invasion of the bookmark snatchers." Dave Warlick chimed in, "I'm getting Diigo. Ed Tech Weekly, on Sunday, was all "Diigo, Diigo, Diigo." Clay Burrell offers three uses of diigo in the classroom. Late last night Miguel Guhlin (again) began to find flaws in Diigo. Christy Tucker, meanwhile, weighed in today with a post on Diigo user communities. Yes, I have an account (userid: Downes), which I created over the weekend. But I'm not endorsing it - I've barely looked at it (but I sure have read a lot about it). I'm not sure exactly what triggered this rush but it was something to see - the instantiation of a criticism of the edublogosphere I read last week, that it's "all about who is using the latest technology". There may have been, I think, a point to that remark.

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