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Martin Weller offers a line-by-line defense of OpenLearn against Donald Clark's criticisms, summarizing, "I think overall openlearn has been guilty of veering into a traditional, university type model (top down, quality assured, proper processes, etc) rather than a more radical 2.0 approach, but in both content and intent it represents a huge step forward for both the OU and UK Higher education. After all, I don't see Epic releasing all their courses for free." On balance, give this match to Weller.

Tony Hirst also weighs in with a long account describing the hopes and aspirations of OpenLearn. It's a great read in its own right. Responding to the question, "is OpenLearn making right content available?," and "is it just another document dump?" Hirst responds in true form: "Who cares? The take home points for me about OpenLearn is that it makes available authentic distance educational material, some of it designed for online delivery, in an open format and under an open license."

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