Free MIT Online Courses Getting a Million Hits Per Month

Richard Nantel, Brandon hall Research, Jan 15, 2008
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Bandwidth is very slow this morning in Kuala Lumpur so I'll keep today's edition short. According to a CBC report OCW is getting a milliin hits a month. Although 'a million hits' sounds like a lot, this works out to roughly 33,000 hits a day. That's not a lot for a large website. OCW has 2000 courses online, which means, on average, each course is hit 15 times a day. One person could do that by browsing a few pages! To put it into perspective, when my Referrer System was at its peak, it was getting 800,000 hits a day. Since I know the MIT Open Courseware site is popular, my first instinct is to question the statistic.
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