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Good list, but the author should have stopped at eight. The first eight reasons make sense, the ninth is a stretch and the tenth is a waste of ink. Barriers like monopolies, lock-in, national interest, and even things like battery life, make sense. Web 2.0 is not a barrier, in my mind, but points to a barrier the author does not mention: applications. People will use technology if it helps them, if it makes their lives better - and, mostly, spreadsheets and word processors and online banner ads don't. But social networks, online videos, web radio and the like - these are things that help people in their daily lives. As for the idea that the 'lack of war' is a barrier - perhaps the author could opine about the technological leap forward we might have experienced had the $600 or so billion spent on the Iraq war had been invested in education. Boggles the mind. Via Tom Hoffman.

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