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Stephen Downes, Apr 12, 2007

I don't know. I'm a bit out of my element, speaking to corporate e-learning industry types here in Boston. I have been thinking of all the events of the last year, of where I was when I spoke in Tennessee. It feels like it was yesterday. Learning for 'a better life' just doesn't seem to be on the radar screen. I can talk about webs and networks and personal learnings and PLEs but there's a disconnect unless people see themselves as learners rather than teachers. Unless they are seeking to empower themselves and build their own lives, rather than seeing themselves as helpless before the whims of those with power and control. Anyhow, here are the slides and here is the audio. There is some new stuff on PLEs, especially near the end. Stuff to think about and develop further. "Use these technologies to develop your own learning," I said at the panel, suggesting that they can't tell people to use new technologies, they can only model and demonstrate. Is this what the audience wants to hear? I don't know - but it's the only story I can tell. Same as it ever was.

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