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Is it really radical and impossible? "A 24-hour school with no traditional classrooms and where students use mobile phones and laptops to learn is being built in Sydney." Apparently not. "The traditional classroom concept will disappear, replaced by 'learning spaces'. The school will be referred to as a 'learning community' and teachers will be known as 'learning advisers', Mr Whitby said. 'The walls of a classroom become redundant because students are able to access real-time, any-time learning.'"

More from the Catholic Outlook: "Mr Whitby said this vision could not be realised without harnessing the Information Communications Technology (ICT) capabilities emerging through Web 2.0 developments. 'Web 2.0 is the second generation of Internet-based services that allows for greater sharing of information and networking,' he said. 'Tools like blogs, podcasts, wikis and the like mean that we can access information and collaborate anytime, anywhere.'"

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