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Apple, Feb 01, 2006

OK, this sounds like a good idea: make university classes, seminars and lectures available as audio feeds. Except that it's iTunes, which means you have to take the Apple iTunes pill (or, as the website says, except variable results on other players). There's obviously also a strong commercial component to this as well, which pretty much cuts out the service for those who need it most. Or as Miguel Guhlin says, "iTunes and Windows Media Player: Two sides of the same coin - Tyranny." Don't be lulled into the same fallacy with audio content as so many were with web-based content. There's no golden rainbow out there (except maybe for a select few big name institutions, and even that's iffy). Put your audio up in MP3, podcast it, and make it available for everyone. You'll get the same revenues in the end (i.e., almost nothing) but you'll be doing something good, not greedy. Via Brian Lynch.

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