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Exploratory preferences explain the human fascination for imaginary worlds in fictional stories
Edgar Dubourg, Valentin Thouzeau, Charles de Dampierre, Andrei Mogoutov, Nicolas Baumard, Nature Scientific Reports, 2023/05/30


This paper was recommended, but I have to say, I read this paper and unfortunately can't get that time back. Basically, it says people who like to explore are that way because they like exploring; people who like imaginary worlds are that way because they like imaginary worlds, and the underlying factors are that they are "younger individuals, males, and individuals living in more affluent environments." In related news: objects are solid because they embody solidity.

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André Dietrich, GitHub, 2023/05/30


I found this item following the announcements from elearning Africa (sadly I couldn't go; maybe next year). "Create free and interactive online courses, based on an extended Markdown notation and share them on github... No platform no, no login, just #oer and publish immediately (works offline too)". Basically, the editor works with a version of Markdown, which is easy to learn, to allow anyone to create courses in their browser, and the courses are stored on GitHub, where they may be freely shared, adapted, whatever. The page and documentation are good, though a bit overwhelming and not intuitive - it could really use a step-by-step into to get people creating their own courses. But the concept is great. Here's the online editor if you want to see for yourself.

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Changing Up, 'Decripting' My Podcast Methods, Eh, Ai? Eh?
Alan Levine, CogDogBlog, 2023/05/30


After taking us through a trip down memory lane (ah, the memories) Alan Levine links to a post from Matt Haughey about an audio and video application called Descript. Don't miss this one. Give yourself half an hour and go through the intro tutorial. There's a lot to love here (except the price tag, which is $30 per month for the pro version). For me, it's being able to edit the audio or video by editing the text transcript. There's a ton more. There's some discussion of whether there's AI magic behind the curtains, but it doesn't really matter.

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