Beyond the Classroom: From Virtual to Reality

Congreso Internet en el Aula, Madrid, Spain, El mInistro de Industria, la ministra de EducaciĆ³n, Spain.

In this presentation I take the ideas from my 2001 presentation 'From Virtual to Reality' and update them for 2008, missing in discussion of social networking and e-learning 2.0 to supplement the basic thesis that online learning moves education of out the text-based language-based classroom and into the community… and thereby makes it more real. Miguel Guhlin summarizes my talk (post now lost). See also a longish post from Dolors Capdet (in Spanish) summarizing the speeches given by the Spanish Ministers of Industry and Education (they directly preceding my talk).

Keynote, Jun 28, 2008.
Downloads: [Slides] [Audio]