The Role of Open Educational Resources in Personal Learning, Calgary, via Adobe Connect, NorQuest and Bow Valley College.

In this talk, I argue that rather than think of OERs as content objects, containing knowledge and information intended for transfer to the student, OERs should be thought of as the raw material a learner works with through the practice of managing their own learning. More specifically, the role of open educational resources is to function as a vocabulary of multimedia ‘words' with which learners converse with each other and with experts in the field. The main emphasis of this presentation is to speak of the role of OERs in the development of learning networks - these networks that are the characteristic result of conversations, and in which our academic and scientific communities are contained. This talk blends the point made in my recent Girona talk with the longer analysis of my 'Speaking in LOLcats' talks.

Keynote, Mar 29, 2011.
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