Providing Learning in Social Networks

Symposium on Advanced Learning Technologies, Gagetown, NB, Department of National Defense, Canada.

Overview of the network approach to learning. New material, new slides. I place network learning in perspective with games and simulations, and describe it as an approach to be taken when we don't know what we want our students to learn (eg., in a complex or changing environment). I then overview the Connectivism course and gRSShopper. I then talk about future work, such as serialized feeds, the personal learning environment, and state based learning design. First 30 seconds of so (the intro) are low volume; the rest is fine. Note that PDF slides are 75 megabytes (I don't know why). More austere PowerPoint slides are available, as well as the originals created on a Mac (will not load all images in Windows).

Keynote, Apr 16, 2009.
Downloads: [Slides] [Audio] [Conference Link]