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The Buntine Oration: Learning Networks

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Author: Stephen Downes
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Checking the Pulse, Australian College of Educators and the Australian Council of Educational Leaders, Perth, Australia, Keynote, Oct 09, 2004.

We don't present these learning objects, ordered, in a sequence, we present randomly, unordered. We don't present them in classrooms and schools, we present them to the environment, to where students find themselves, in their homes and in their workplaces. We don't present them at all, we contribute them to the conversation, we become part of the conversation.  The slide presentation was severely corrupted; it was mostly images, and autoplayed in the background while I spoke. Full text. MS-Word version. Photo and comment by Dorothy. Part 1, Part 2 of Albert Ip commentary. Learning Networks versus the Behmoth? - commentary by Derek Morrison. The Network Second Layer: RSS Newsmastering - commentary by Robin Good.

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