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All wrapped up: the biggest stories of the year
University Affairs, 2023/12/27


At a certain point, universities are going to have to trthink their operating model. As this year-end summary reports, "graduate students and postdocs... receive $17,000 on average each year in funding, leaving many below the poverty line." This wasn't sustainable when I was a graduate student, and yet surprisingly it continues to the present day. As we read, "it's leading to a brain drain of Canadian talent. UA dove into the problem in a recent feature article, Why Canada is losing the next generation of talent, where researchers and advocates lay out what a devastating impact this can have on Canada's innovation ecosystem and future economy." I started working in the field of online learning to find ways to offer more access to learning for less money, thus making the whole economy of post-secondary education fairer and a lot less exploitative. We;ve made great strides, but the most stubborn resisters continue to be universities themselves.

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Preparing my gaming and education class for spring 2024
Bryan Alexander, 2023/12/27


Bryan Alexander is preparing his class for the next semester and looking for feedback. It involves a look at a number of games, game design for education, and a little bit at the end about gaming and AI. I'm not sure whether he uses any procedurally designed world games like No Man's Sky but I would, especially as these create unique opportunities for gameplay and incorporation of AI. I would also make it a MOOC, free and open to all, but I'm not sure whether his employer would allow that.

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Embracing Dead Week
Tim Stahmer, Assorted Stuff, 2023/12/27


My employer closes all offices this week so I welcome the opportunity to work on whatever I want to work on for a week. It's a habit I picked up many years ago, and usually involved getting deep into some programming project (invariably unfinished, of course). I keep doing the newsletter because, well, I like doing the newsletters.And I do think New Years is a good time for a restart because that's when I start getting into shape for my next summer biking season - so it's back on the trainer in the morning, back to doing noon hour walks, back to eating healthy. For a few months, anyways.

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