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Unlocking pathways: a needs analysis of micro-credentials offered by the TU sector to address industry skill needs in Ireland
Sarah Carroll, Carina Ginty, Moira Maguire, N-TUTORR, 2023/12/25


This report (60 page PDF) provides a needs analysis of micro-credentials (for example, digital badges). It points to the long history of business in Ireland recognizing shorter-term learning. The literature review found "no general consensus of a definition or conceptual framework for micro-credentials amongst the Technological University (TU) sector," which I guess should surprise no one. Thus, the report cites "the urgent need for a collaborative and cohesive approach to developing a statement of characteristics for micro-credentials that can be implemented sector-wide." Microcredentials generally contain "proof of skills or knowledge obtained by learners after completing a short learning experience at an awarding body," which is a good stating point for a consensus. The report recommends that "micro-credential provisions which aim to bridge the gap between higher education and industry, should be reviewed by necessary stakeholders."

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Innovation of Instructional Design and Assessment in the Age of Generative Artificial Intelligence
Charles B. Hodges, Paul A. Kirschner, 2023/12/25


This isn't a bad paper (5 page PDF) and it's worth reading the response to AI from an instructivist perspective. The recommendations to my mind reflect a gradual drift away from hard-line instructivism, tough, recommending such things as shifting "the focus of assignments from the final product to the process of learning", "peer review processes and collaborative projects", and personalized learning paths. These would all have been anathema to a younger Paul Kirschner. What's interesting to me is that the limitations of AI - "GenAI does not have the ability to truly comprehend the meaning behind those words. This means that any responses it generates are likely to be shallow and lacking in depth and insight" - are exactly the same weaknesses of learning based on direct instruction.

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Bluesky posts are finally visible if you're not logged in
Jay Peters, The Verge, 2023/12/25


BlueSky posts are now public, so you can see them without logging in, including my own (very minimal) Bluesky feed. The platform isn't federated yet. It uses a different protocol than Mastodon, but if it's fully federated, it shouldn't matter. People will write adapters (ie., middleware) to join the two federated networks. "Bluesky has a new logo, too: a butterfly. Previously, the app's logo was a blue sky with clouds, but 'early on, we noticed that people were organically using the butterfly emoji 🦋 to indicate their Bluesky handles.'" Via Boris Mann.

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Summarize, LLC, 2023/12/25


This is a great little AI tool that lets you input the URL of a video and receive a nice summary of the video. Here's an example of me trying it with a video from 2012 where I describe a system of federated LMSs. It took just a few seconds to produce this result from the 9 minute video. Via Alan Levine.

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