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Twitter's New API Plans Will Devastate Public Interest Research
Bit Meehan, Coalition for Independent Technology Research, 2023/04/03


So I guess Twitter's new pricing tiers for access to the Twitter API were announced last week in a move that this article says will "devastate public interest research." I'm not so sure about that, since I'm not sure how many people will be using Twitter in the long term. And also, I'm not sure what to believe from Twitter's announcements - my blue check is still in place and I would imagine my API will keep functioning, despite what I read from them. This may be because they can't actually implement these policies without wrecking their business, or because they don't know hopw to implement them without crashing the platform.

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A New Era of Learning: Reimagining Conferences for Inspired Teaching
Chris McNutt, Medium, 2023/04/03


The point of departure for this post is that educational conferences cover the same topics over and over, and yet never seem to advance our understanding in the field. I'm not entirely sure this is true, though there is a lot of repetition. Anyhow, what Chris McNutt suggests here is a different approach to conferences. "Instead of attending educational conferences, what if teachers were sent to learn from community planners, documentary producers, board game creators, or graphic designers?" he asks. The idea is to find the 'semiotic connections' across these different domain. Hence, he advises, "start exploring random concepts and embrace the chaos that is learning something new." I definitely embrace the idea of opening oneself up to a wider range of experiences, but I don't think they need necessarily be random.

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