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AI teaches brain tumor surgery better than human experts
Shawn Hayward, Futurity, McGill University, 2022/02/24


This is a headline guaranteed to catch your eye, and possible to cause howls of protest. Here's the claim: a study (15 page PDF) has found that "in a remote environment, an artificial intelligence (AI) tutoring system can outperform expert human instructors." Specifically, "In this randomized clinical trial, VOA feedback demonstrated superior performance outcome and skill transfer, with equivalent OSATS ratings and cognitive and emotional responses compared with remote expert instruction." Why? "It helped students achieve higher expertise by bringing awareness to their metric goals during resections and setting measurable performance objectives, 2 effective strategies of learning theory." Moreover, "This AI intervention saved approximately 53 hours of expert supervision and formative assessment over 13 weeks compared with the instructor group while resulting in comparable OSATS scores." Something to think about.

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The next evolution of blockchain in higher ed
Laura Ascione, eCampus News, 2022/02/24


This article covers a report (102 page PDF) from the American Council on Education (ACE) on the Education Blockchain Initiative, funded by the U.S. Department of Education. This initiative includes Blockchain Innovation Challenge and the report covers the development of that project. Four projects involving teachers and educational resources are featured. Overall, the use cases focus on learning and employment records (LER), verifiable credentials (VC), and decentralized identifiers (DID). The value of the report is the detailed description it offers of each of the projects, from use cases to the development of a minimum viable product (MVP) and subsequent development. Related: ACE Education Blockchain Initiative‚Äč.

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