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Presidential Address: The academic discipline of education. Reciprocal relationships between practical knowledge and academic knowledge
Dominic Wyse, British Educational Research Journal, 2020/02/11


Dominic Wyse offers an insightful look into the history of education as a discipline, mapping it to three traditions: academic knowledge traditions, on which education is 'founded', practical knowledge traditions, through which education is applied, and the interaction between the two. From this perspective he reviews the role of educational research and practice, noting at one point "knowledge is created and translated within different communities, and my view is that actually they’re both practice communities in fact. So the idea that one is and one isn’t [research] is misleading, but they’re different practices which intersect." He thus argues for "a new model that shows the relationships between practical knowledge and academic knowledge that are an intrinsic part of education." It is, in other words, an argument for something like 'knowledge mobilization' as a replacement for 'knowledge translation'. It's a good article, yet the overall perspective that "the addition of ‘teaching’ to learning, or the concept of ‘pedagogy’, could be seen as a defining characteristic of education" seems to me to be limiting in an important way. Image: Schaillée, et.al.

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