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by Stephen Downes
Apr 13, 2016

How to Build an Engaged Event Community
DoubleDutch, 2016/04/13

Relatively light (11 page PDF) but generally useful guide on the use of social media to support an event. The publishers produce event apps, so they have an interest in this, but it doesn't appear until the last page. And they capture the pain point nicely: "56% of marketers still list the ‘inability to tie engagement to business outcomes’ as the largest pain point of measuring social media ROI." I agree. It was really difficult for me to match a particular event to the launch of a particular project. How then do I justify them to my managers?

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OpenText Release 16
Press Release, OpenText, 2016/04/13

For the record: OpenText release. "Introducing OpenText Release 16 which offers an open platform for better control, deeper integrations into your mission-critical systems and a sharp focus on embedded analytics for actionable intelligence, available on premise or in the cloud. All in a single release."

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Events: NYU "Politics Of Privatization" Summit [#PoPNonCon16] Going On Now
Alexander Russo, Education Next, 2016/04/13

Alexander Russo writes, "In case you haven't seen it, there's a "Non-Conference" on Privatization in Education at NYU going on this week... The hashtag is #PoPNonCon16. The livestream is here." Just so you know.

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From Written to Digital: The New Literacy by Phillip Ventimiglia and George L. Pullman
Helge Scherlund, Helge Scherlund's eLearning news blog, 2016/04/13


Summary and review of this book on digital literacy. Phillip Ventimiglia quoting Walter Isaacson: "The major innovations of the digital revolution—from the first general-purpose computer to the transistor to the iPhone—were all created by individuals who understood how to synthesize the humanities with technology."

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