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by Stephen Downes
May 2, 2014

Yahoo Ditches “Do Not Track”: Lack Of Standards Said Too Confusing
Marketing Land, Ginny Marvin, May 2, 2014


So what we have here is a group of companies (Google, Facebook, Yahoo) creating standards confusion, and then using standards confusion as a reason not to implement a customer-friendly feature. I personally disable tracking at the browser level with a Firefox extension (I know a lot of people use Chrome - but do you really think it's wise to use a browser provided by an advertising company?) and specifically one called DoNotTrackMe (there may be better out there) such as TrackerBlock (which also blocks tracking) or TrackMeNot (which doesn't block, but instead sends out false information).

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20th Century Assessment In A 21st Century Learning Environment
Terry Heick, TeachThought, May 2, 2014


Why is there so much emphasis (still!) on testing? "According to SmarterBalanced.org, the per-student cost for testing is currently around $31 per student. Multiply that by nearly fifty million students, and you’ve got a big pile of money up for grabs. This makes efforts here grounded as much in business principle as in pedagogy–and a resulting ugly, two-headed affair: money and learning."

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Interview - Stephen Downes
Alexander Hayes, YouTube, May 2, 2014


Alex Hayes writes, ""If you get a chance have a 30 minute coffee break and watch my interview with Stephen Downes , National Research Council Canada this morning who speaks of "video lies" - it will be a very different world when we have the capability of scrubbing anything and everything to twist, debunk or support that we is gathered as eveidence and as the truth." 

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