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August 8, 2013

A New Learning Environment for the Future of Learning
Justin Reich, Education Week, August 8, 2013

Nice. cMOOC inspired MOOC engine. "With Alan's help, we built a site that used the recent educational technology cMOOC, ETMOOC, as the template for our own Wordpress-based Future of Learning site, with some really nice additions. The heart of our site is the 'Flow,' a syndication engine that pulls together a wide variety of content tagged as #hgsepzfol from across the Web."

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Development Training for SAP HANA® Successfully Delivered as Massive Open Online Course
Press Release, SAP, August 8, 2013

The apocalypse has arrived. "SAP today announced the continuation of the successful massive open online course (MOOC) format for technical IT professionals through the openSAP platform."

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The Science Behind the Netflix Algorithms That Decide What You’ll Watch Next
Tom V, erbilt, Wired, August 8, 2013


The secret to Netflix recommendations? "We have more than 40 people hand-tagging TV shows and movies for us." 75 percent of traffic is driven by recommendations. These are based in part on personal rating, but much more on viewing behaviour (because, yes, people lie in their ratings,  giving five stars to video the feel they ought to like, not what they actually like).

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Two learning gurus walk into a bar…
Jay Cross, Internet Time, August 2, 2013


What’s the centerpiece of the learning field?

Clark: Meaningful (a larger purpose, relevance, deep practice)

Jay: Experiential (personal, connected, examples)

Downes: Engaged (connected, relevant, deep, personal, immersive, experiental)

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