Jeff: The Keys To the 5 Kingdoms: Classifying Living Things, SEGA Tech September 6, 2005
OK, well I imagine most people know how to classify living things (though it has never been clear to me what a 'kingdom' is or how many there are). Still, what I like about this exploration is that it raises (for me, at least) important questions like: what is the utility of classifying living things to a grade 5er? What is the best way to explain how we go about it? [Comment]

Malcolm Wheatley: The Myths of Open Source, September 6, 2005
As the title suggests, an examination of some 'myths' of open source: "the attraction is the price tag; the savings aren't real; there's no support; it's a legal minefield; open source isn't for mission-critical applications; and open source isn't ready for the desktop." Do people still believe these? I like Stuard Yeates's description: "The myths of open source, as held by IT managers who believe what vendors tell them and have no technical background whatsoever." [Comment]

Annamaria Carusi, et.al.: elrc1 September 6, 2005
Blog created by the authors of this Alt-C presentation (Productive disagreement: pluralism in e-learning research) used not only to support the session but also to help the members of the group bounce ideas back and forth. Useful, because the presentation presented contrasting points of view, in a way, and the blog is a way of drawing them out. I would have like to have seen more interaction than presentation, but nontheless the exercise was worth undertaking. [Comment]

Various authors: Ping-o-matic September 6, 2005
This is a useful service, especially for people like me who use non-standard blogging software. Faced with a choice between writing a simple HTTP-POST request to Ping-O-Matic, or XML-RPC requests to each of more than a dozen blog indexing services, the choice is pretty obvious. Via Albert Delgado. [Comment]

Martin Leith: All Known idea Generation Methods September 6, 2005
Not that I endorse any of the methods described. But it is always useful to have a list of all known methods for generating new ideas. Via elearningpost. [Comment]

Unattributed: Effective Teaching & Learning, September 6, 2005
I haven't had a chance to review the whole thing, as it is a complete course (at least, the presentations and class handouts), but this presentation of 'Effective Teaching & Learning' looks like it will be useful to a variety of people. [Comment]

Various authors: Collaborative Approaches to the Management of E- Learning (CAMEL), Jisc September 6, 2005
Useful resource, part of the project described by Gill Ferrell in a presentation of the same name here at Alt-C today. Do give this site a visit if you're interested in linkages between colleges and universities and in supporting lifelong learning genrally. The site includes a set of detailed 'infokits' that look at various aspects of the process, including using virtual learning environments, project management, risk management, process review, and more. There's a lot here; prepare to spend some time. [Comment]

Badrul Khan: Interview with Khaled Al-Sultan, September 6, 2005
Interview with Khaled S. Al-Sultan, Rector (or President) of King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (KFUPM) in Saudi Arabia. Interesting look into e-learning in the region and in particular into future administrative structures. Al-Sultan, in particular, is not in favour of a multi-national online university. "There are too many factors that we must take care of, too many decision to be taken, and from my experience, it will not be successful. We cannot wait for people to share their resources, and go through bureaucratic procedures." PDF. [Comment]

Josie Fraser: Alt-C - Collaboration, EdTechUK September 6, 2005
Summary of my opening remarks (just a 10 minute summary) at the Alt-C conference here in Manchester. Josie Fraser is blogging other sessions from the Alt-C conference as well. [Comment]

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