The Buntine Oration: Learning Networks

ACE / ACEL, Perth, Australia, Australian College of Educators and the Australian Council of Educational Leaders.

Perth, Western Australia

The Buntine Oration: Learning Networks, October 9

I had this vision, you see, that the use of learning objects would, in effect, make learning content seamlessly and effortlessly available not only to all students, but to all people in the world who wished to learn, and that the portability and reusability of learning objects meant that we could develop an educational environment where students were not marched in lockstep through a predefined curriculum but instead could have the freedom and capacity to explore the world of learning according to their own interests and their own whims. Learning, genuinely free and accessible learning, could be produced and shared by all.

WestOne Workshop, October 11-12

Topics during these two half-day workshops included knowledge and learning, the new student, personalization, communities of practice, and other issues.

The sponsor of my visit to Perth, and the major sponsor of the trip as a whole, is the ACEL-ACE Checking the Pulse conference. The Sponsor of the October 11 1nd 12 talks was WestOne.

  • Photos from Perth, October 8-13.
  • Photos from Fremantle, October 10.

And finally...

Keynote, Oct 09, 2004.
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