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STEP Conference 2016 Keynote 1 Janie McManus – Attainment and Improvement

Radio #EDUtalk 19-11-14: Daryl Stanfield and Neil Craik-Collins of Ross High School in East Lothian talk about their Learning Rounds
SCSSA Ian Stuart Glow Evolution
The DS106 Good Spell Episode 23
Radio #EDUtalk 01-April-2015 Sinead Rhodes: Young Academy of Scotland
Radio #EDUtalk 06-05-2015 Teaching Scotland’s Future – Professor Graham Donaldson
The DS106 Good Spell episode 34
366Web2: Graffiter
Radio #EDUtalk 09-09-2015 Doug Belshaw
Rob Smith Using Film in the Classroom #ScotFLF15
Jo Spence Into Film Resources ScotFLF15
Jennifer Jones Citizen Journalism and the Digital Commonwealth Project #ScotFLF15
Athole McLauchlan Dream For A Living #ScotFLF15
Radio Edutalk 22-02-2016: Hugh O’Donnell, Secondary English Teacher, ‘Digital For Excellence?’
Radio #Edutalk 23-03-2016 Fearghal Kelly Scel What Is Teacher Leadership And What Is Needed To Develop It?
Sheena Macgregor, Creative Therapies, Talks About ‘Art Therapy As Non-Verbal Communication With Troubled Children
Lorna Barton, Phd Student At Glasgow Caledonian University, On Photovoice And Her Research With Trans Young People
Radio Edutalk 12-04-2016: Mikkel Storm, Vice President Of Product At Waterford Institute, On ‘Supporting Students With Adaptive Technology”
Web Literacy 2.0 Chat Audrey Watters
Suzanne Scott Open Badges at Borders College
Web Literacy 2.0 Chat – Catherine Cronin
The DS106 Good Spell Episode 16
Web Literacy 2.0 Chat – Bonnie Stewart & Dave Cormier
Radio EDUtalk 29-10-2014: Tom Middlehurst on curriculum design
Web Literacy 2.0 Chat: Oliver Quinlan
The DS106 Good Spell Episode 17
Radio #EDUtalk 04-11-2014: Professor Angela McFarlane, CEO of The College of Teachers
The DS106 Good Spell Episode 18
Web Literacy 2.0 Chat Oliver Quinlan
Web Literacy 2.0 Chat Josie Fraser
Radio #EDUtalk 12-11-2014 Bill Boyd @literacyadviser
SCSSA Steve Higgins
SCSSA Jeremy Scott Computational Thinking
SCSSA An Apple for the students
Radio #EDUtalk 18-11-2014: Daniel Moncrieff, Head of Fields Studies Council Scotland
Scratch Competitions to Support Transition #casscot14
Computing at School Scotland 2014 #casscot14 Conference Welcome
I.C.T. for Teachers Not Techies!
The DS106 Good Spell Episode 19
Radio #EDUtalk 25-11-2014: Dr Vivienne Ming of Socos talks about Meta-Learning and Naturalistic Interventions
Radio Edutalk 26-11-2014 Julia Sinner the 100words Challenge
#casscot14 Computing Science Realising Potential – Designing the Future
The DS106 Good Spell Episode 20
#casscot14 MSc Computing for Educators
The DS106 Good Spell Episode 21
#casscot14 STEMnet
#casscot14 Cybercrime, the Scottish Perspective
Radio #EDUtalk 02-12-2014: Neil Dempsey on ‘The path from Primary to Third level education for students with Dyslexia’
#cassscot14 Programming in the Primary Classroom Using iPads
#casscot14 3D Visualisation Technologies in Medical Imaging
The DS106 Good Spell Episode 22
Radio #EDUtalk 09-12-2014: Dr Liz Lakin on ‘Developing Independent Learning in Science’
#pedagooxmas Jon Haines: Video Enhanced Observation
#pedagooxmas Kamil Trzebiatowski: Graphic organisers
#pedagooxmas Barry Dunn: Questioning
Radio #EDUtalk 16-12-2014: Dr Margaret Sutherland, University of Glasgow, on Inclusive Education
Live from Pedagoo Christmas Party, University of Newcastle
Radio #EDUtalk 13-01-2015: Dr Zoè Robertson, General Teaching Council for Scotland, on ‘Supporting teachers’ professional learning’
Da Button Factory
Radio #EDUtalk 20-01-2015: Jennifer Jones, University of the West of Scotland, on ‘Challenges and opportunities emerging from the Digital Commonwealth project’
Story Wars
Radio #EDUtalk 21-01-15 Kirsty Dunn Chromebooks in Ormiston
The DS106 Good Spell Episode 24
Sarah: A ‘Young Foodie’
Radio #EDUtalk 27-01-2015: Questions of Character event at the University of Strathclyde
Radio #EDUtalk 28-01-2015 Josie Fraser
Radio #EDUtalk 03-02-2015: Dr Victoria Goodyear, University of Bedfordshire, on ‘Tweeting about PE: understanding, supporting, and challenging practices’
Radio Edutalk iPads at Glasgow High
The DS106 Good Spell Episode 25
The DS106 Good Spell Episode 26
Radio Edutalk HANDsON ict MOOC
The DS106 Good Spell Episode 27
Radio #EDUtalk 24-02-2015: Dr Marie-Jeanne McNaughton and Ruth Barr on the Storyline Method and forthcoming international conference
Radio #EDUtalk 03-03-2015: Joyce Epstein keynote from Scottish Parent Teacher Council Annual Lecture
Radio Edutalk Digital TeachMeet Falkirk
Radio #EDUtalk 10-03-2015: Mary De la Peña, Children’s University Scotland
Juliet on blogging
Radio #EDUtalk 17-03-2015: Sue Ellis, Professor of Education at the University of Strathclyde, on ‘Poverty, literacy, and the attainment gap’
STEP conference 2015 Keynote 1: Ross McGill @TeacherToolkit
Radio Edutalk at the annual conference of Scottish Teachers for Enhancing Practice
Radio #EDUtalk 24-03-2015: Gillian Hamilton, CEO of the Scottish College for Educational Leadership
Radio #EDUtalk 25-03-2015: Colin Sutherland, Professional Advisor for the Insight online benchmarking tool
Steps Conference 2015 Aileen Kelly Talking Time
Radio #EDUtalk 31-03-2015: Sam Milne, Scottish Football Association, on girls’ football
The DS106 Good Spell Episode 28
Radio #EDUtalk 02-04-2015: Audio from SCSSA ‘Creating and Sustaining a Research Rich School’ event
Radio #EDUtalk 07-04-2015: Audio from West Lothian Practitioner Enquiry Network (March 2015)
Radio #EDUtalk 21-04-2015: John Daffurn, Programme Leader, with SCEL Fellows Annette Beaton and Jay Helbert
Photos for Class
Radio #EDUtalk 22-05-2015 Emma Platt – Crichton Carbon Centre
The DS106 Good Spell Episode 29
Radio #EDUtalk 28-04-2015: Discussion on ‘Love in the professional context’ at a Social Pedagogy Development Network event in Edinburgh on 21-04-2015
Radio #EDUtalk 06-05-2015 Teaching Scotland’s Future Angela Constance
Radio #EDUtalk 06-05-2015 Teaching Scotland’s Future Petra Wend
Radio #EDUtalk 06-05-2015 Teaching Scotland’s Future Career Long Professional Learning
Radio #EDUtalk 06-05-2015 Stephen Harrison HT Islay HS
Edutalk at the Emporium of Dangerous Ideas
Radio #EDUtalk 06-05-2015 Teaching Scotland’s Future – Professional Update
Radio #EDUtalk 06-05-2015 Teaching Scotland’s Future – Sue Ellis
The DS106 Good Spell Episode 30
Dangerous David
Radio #EDUtalk 12-05-2015: Anne Glennie of The Learning Zoo
Radio #EDUtalk 06-05-2015 Teaching Scotland’s Future – Peter Kormylo
Radio #EDUtalk 19-05-2015: Professor Dr Kari Smith on ‘Partnerships in Support of Teacher Education’ (#TEPE2015)
Radio #EDUtalk 20-05-2015: Dr Margaret Ritchie on ‘Chemistry at Work – a Model of School-Community Partnership’
Radio #EDUtalk 21-05-2015: Hannu Salmi, University of Turku, on ‘Multidiscipline science exhibitions as open learning environments for teacher professional development’
Radio #EDUtalk 20-05-2015 #DangerousED Karen Lawson
Radio #EDUtalk 22-05-2015: Dr Margaret Ritchie on ‘Chemistry at Work – a Model of School-Community Partnership’ (part 2)
Sketch Toy
Radio #EDUtalk 26-05-2015: Dr Lio Moscardini, Course Leader MEd in Inclusive Education at the University of Strathclyde, on Cognitively Guided Instruction
Office Lens
DS106 Good Spell Episode 31
The DS106 Good Spell Episode 32
Radio #EDUtalk 02-06-2015: Monica Porciani, Co-ordinator of Health and Wellbeing, at University of Strathclyde
testing the system
And invitation to talk #dangeroured
Radio #EDUtalk 09-06-2015: Gill Friel on ‘raising attainment in children’s writing’
The DS106 Good Spell episode 33
Audio commentary from Bayside 13s v. Monifieth Reds 13s SFA East League Cup Final 2015
Radio #EDUtalk 23-06-2015: Dr Jonathan Delafield-Butt on ‘the role of movement in early social and emotional development, and implications for autism’
The DS106 Good Spell episode 36
The DS106 Good Spell Episode 35
Flippity Random Name Picker
Radio Edutalk 18-08-2015 – Danny Murphy on ‘Everyone’s Future: Lessons from fifty years of Scottish comprehensive schooling’
Radio #EDUtalk 19-08-2015 Charlie Love
Radio Edutalk 25-08-2015: Professor Adam Hart, University of Gloucestershire, on RSB’s Flying Ant Survey
Radio Edutalk 25-08-2015: Dr Margaret Ritchie on STEM Ambassadors and the Life Sciences
Radio #EDUtalk 26-08-2015 Kenny Pieper
Radio Edutalk 01-09-2015: Margaret Orr, education consultant, on GTCS Professional Update scheme
The DS106 Good Spell episode 38
Radio Edutalk 08-09-2015: Sharon Tonner, University of Dundee, on mobile technology project with primary student teachers
366Web2: Tone Analyzer
The DS106 Good Spell episode 39
Radio Edutalk 15-09-2015: Eileen Hopkins and Professor Janet Clinton on Visible Classroom
Radio Edutalk 18-09-2015: Lynne Jones on #EnquiryMeet
The DS106 Good Spell ep 40
Radio Edutalk 29-09-2015: Joan MacKay, Mairi Thomson and Andrew Millar of Education Scotland on ‘Developing the Young Workforce’
Radio Edutalk 30-09-2015 A Common Weal Education
The DS106 Good Spell episode 41
Sarah Wright The Show-Stopping Toolkit #ScotFLF15
Tim Flood Draw What You See #ScotFLF15
The DS106 Good Spell ep 42
Framework For Film Education in Europe ScotFLF15
Radio 06-10-2015: Gillian Hamilton, SCEL, on Framework for Educational Leadership and Into Headship programme
Radio Edutalk 06-10-2015: Professor Stephen Ball, Institute of Education, on ‘The global middle class and school choice’
Bill Boyd Ten Tools for Reading Film ScotLFF15
Claire Docherty Using the Scottish Film Archive in the Classroom ScotFLF15
David Griffith From Shots to Sentences #ScotFLF15
366Web2: BeautifulAudioEditor
DS106 Good Spell episode 43
Radio #EDUtalk 07-10-2015 Bill Boyd
Radio Edutalk 14-10-2015 An introduction to CoderDojo
Radio Edutalk 20-10-2015: #aspirationaladvice from author, Ian Rankin. With Neil McLennan, co-chair of Young Academy of Scotland
366Web2: Zapier
Radio Edutalk 27-10-2015: Don Ledingham, Chief Executive of Ceannas, on ‘Creative leadership’
DS106 Good Spell episode 45
DS106 Good Spell episode 44
Radio Edutalk 03-11-2015: Olga Kozlova, Donna Chisholm and Elizabeth Fairley on the RSE’s Entrepreneurial Education in Scotland report
Radio Edutalk 04-11-2015 Leon Cych
366Web2: Stoodle
DS106 Goodspell ep 46
Radio Edutalk 17-11-2015: Dr Ann Rae, University of Edinburgh, on the Third Year placement within their MA in Primary Education
Radio Edutalk 17-11-2015: Libby Thornhill, foster carer, on the ‘Head, Heart, Hands’ programme
Radio #EDUtalk 18-11-2015 Claire Docherty Film in the Primary Classroom
DS106 Goodspell episode 47
Radio Edutalk 24-11-2015: Hina Hashmi and Darren Begley on the MEd at University of Dundee
Radio Edutalk 25-11-2015: #aspirationaladvice from athlete, Jayne Nisbet. With Neil McLennan, co-chair of Young Academy of Scotland
#EnquiryMeet Patrick Boxall
Radio Edutalk 01-12-2015: Yvonne Reilly and Jodie Parsons,, on ‘What makes an excellent Mathematics classroom?’
Radio #EDUtalk 02-12-2015 Derek Robertson – Minecraft & UoDEdushare
Radio Edutalk 08-12-2015: Iain White, Principal of Newlands Junior College in Glasgow
Radio Edutalk 15-12-2015: Carrie McLennan, University of Dundee, introduces MA Education Year 3 students Natalie McKnight and Iona Gillies
Radio #EDUtalk Ania Rolinska, Bill Guariento and Nazmi Al-Masri – EAST Project – engineering students collaborating across borders Gaza to Glasgow
366Web2: Hypothesis
The #Ds106 Goodspell 24-01-2016
Radio Edutalk 26-01-2016: Judith Mckerrecher, Professional Development Officer, University Of Strathclyde
366web2: Readable
Radio Edutalk 02-02-2016: Col Jones, Queensland University Of Technology Brisbane, On Enterprise Education
366web2: Rwt Venn Diagrams
Do Teachers Suffer Cultural Isolation?
Radio Edutalk 09-02-2016: Professor Diane Mayer – Inaugural David Stow Annual Lecture: Transitional Teacher Education In Globalised And Neoliberal Contexts
Radio Edutalk 10-02-2016: Kenny Mcghee, Throughcare & Aftercare Service Lead At Celcis, On Scottish Care Leavers Covenant And Staying Put Scotland Guidance
Radio Edutalk 27-01-2016 Ian Stuart – Microsoft Innovative Education Experts
Radio Edutalk 16-02-2016: Elinor Vettraino, Ded Psychology Student At University Of Dundee, ‘Exploring The 6-Part Story Method As A Vehicle For Embodied Reflexivity With Youth’
Radio Edutalk 17-02-2016 Joe Dale Ios Audio Apps, Podcasting And Mfl
Radio Edutalk 23-02-2016: Dutch Perspectives On Personalised Learning
Ds106 Goodspell 21-02-2016
Radio #Edutalk 24-02-16 Michelle Mackie From Ma1 At Dundee University
Radio #Edutalk 02-03-2016 Harvey Wheaton Codeclan
Ds106 Goodspell 28-02-2016
Step Conference 2016 Technology To Enhance Pl Do Coyle & Catriona Macdonald
Step Conference 2016 Charlaine Simpson – What You Need To Know About Practitioner Enquiry
Step Conference 2016 Keynote 1 Janie Mcmanus – Attainment And Improvement
Step Conference 2016 Welcome By Conference Chair, David Cameron
Radio Edutalk 08-03-2016: Sptc Annual Lecture, Lecture From Liz Cameron, Chief Executive Of The Scottish Chamber Of Commerce On The Role Parents Have To Play In Developing The Young Workforce
Radio Edutalk 09-03-2016 #Oepsforum4
Step Conference 2016 – Alan Mclean, Keynote Speaker, ‘Sources Of Aspiration, Principles Of Inspiration’
Ds106 Goodspell 13-03-2016
Step Conference 2016 – Jay Mcintyre
Radio Edutalk 15-03-2016: Matthew Barr, University Of Glasgow, On #Hatiigamestudies, @Ps_journal And Phd Research
Radio #Edutalk 16-03-2016 Oliver Quinlan – The Raspberry Pi Foundation
Radio #Edutalk At #Oer16
Radio Edutalk At Oer16
Radio Edutalk 29-03-2016: Susan Wilson, Principal Officer For The U.S. Consulate General In Edinburgh, Gives #Aspirationaladvice
Radio Edutalk 05-04-2016: Yvonne Young Of Ydance
Radio Edutalk 19-04-2016: Professor Clive Dimmock, Robert Owen Centre For Educational Change, ‘Ten Strong Claims For High Performing Leaders And Schools’
Radio #Edutalk At #Oer16 Emma Smith – Free Willy: Shakespeare And Oer
Radio #Edutalk At #Oer16 Catherine Cronin – If ‘Open’ Is The Answer, What Is The Question?
Radio #Edutalk At #Oer16 John Scally Postcards From The Open Road
Radio #Edutalk At #Oer16 Melissa Highton Keynote – Open With Care
Radio #Edutalk At #Oer16 Jim Groom
Radio #Edutalk At #Oer16 Ronald Macintyre And Anna Page In Conversation About Oeps
Radio #Edutalk At #Oer16 Martin Poulter & Simon Thomson In Conversation
Radio #Edutalk At #Oer16 Ammie Scott And Jim Groom In Conversation
Radio #Edutalk At #Oer16: Catherine Cronin And David Kernohan In Conversation
Ds106 Goodspell 01-05-2016
Radio Edutalk 03-05-2016: #Aspirationaladvice From Chris Smith, Player & Coach Development Manager At The Scottish Football Association
#Ds106 Goodspell 08-05-2016
Radio Edutalk At Selmas Forum 2016
#Ds106 Good Spell 15-05-2016
Radio #Edutalk 18-05-2016 John Sexton Glow And Online Learning
Professor Kenneth Wain, University Of Malta, On ‘Teacher Education Policies And The End Of Theory’
Linda Darling-Hammond, Stanford University, On ‘Global Perspectives On Teacher Education’
Radio #Edutalk 25-05-2016 Athole Mclauchlan Digital Story Telling, Teachmeet And More
Maria Assunção Flores. University Of Minho, On ‘Integrating Research, Theory And Practice In Teacher Education: New Contexts, New Challenges
#Ds106 Goodspell 29-05-2016
Radio Edutalk 31-05-2016: Angela De Britos Of Scilt On The Role Of Subject Co-Ordinators In Primary Languages
Radio Edutalk 30-08-2016: Keir Bloomer, Reform Scotland, On ‘National 4s And 5s – Unintended Consequences’
Always On (Them) Jim Fanning #Digitaluws
Always On (Them) David Mcgillivary #Digitaluws
Always On (Them) John Johnston #Digitaluws
Always On (Them) Athole Mclauchlan #Digitaluws
Always On (Them) Young Scot #Digitaluws
366web2: Gravit.Io
#Tepe2016 – Theme 2, Teachers In Schools As Learning Organisations In Europe And From A Global Perspective
Radio Edutalk 16-08-2016: Lina Waghorn And Kenny Christie, Dundee City Council, On Aspire Dundee
366web2: Draw.Io
Radio Edutalk 23-08-2016: Olly Newton, Director Of Policy Of Research At The Edge Foundation, On Their Digital Revolution Report
Radio Edutalk 06-09-2016: Mark Riches, Ceo Of Makewaves, On Digitalme And Digital Credentialing
Ds106 Goodspell Final Season Ep 1 Factor X
Radio Edutalk 13-09-2016: Gillian Hamilton And Fearghal Kelly On ‘Developing Teacher Leadership’
Radio Edutalk 14-09-2016 Nicholas Mcmahon Philosophy With Children In The Primary Classroom
#Ds106 Goodspell Final Season Ep 2: Quality Feedback Online
Radio Edutalk 20-09-2016: Naomi Ward, Julie Hunter And Patrick Ottley-O’Connor On #Teacher5aday Journal And Handbook
Sarah At Slf16
#Ds106 Goodspell Final Season Ep 3 – Ds106 And The Via Negativa
#Pedagoomuckle And Invite To #Edutalk
Play For Everyone!
Homework At #Pedagoomuckle
Radio Edutalk 04-10-2016: John Reilly, University Of Strathclyde, On 2016 Active Healthy Kids Scotland Report Card
#Ds106 Goodspell Final Season Ep 4 The Island Of Lost Tools
Radio Edutalk 11-10-2016: Ellen Boeren, University Of Edinburgh, On ‘Lifelong Learning Participation In A Changing Policy Context’
Radio Edutalk 12-10-2016 Charlie Farley 23 Things For Digital Knowledge
Radio Edutalk 18-10-2016: Craig Mill, Call Scotland, Ipad Resources To Support Literacy Difficulties
Radio Edutalk 25-10-2016: Libby Thornhill And Sarah Rivers, ‘Open All Hours: Supporting ‘Looked After’ Children And Young People In The School Environment’
Radio #Edutalk 26-10-16 Will Tuft – The Immersive Classroom
#Ds106 Goodspell Final Season Ep 8 Letting Go Bullet 107! The End!
Radio #Edutalk 02-11-2016 – Ciara Gibson Making In The Primary Classroom
Radio Edutalk 08-11-2016: Jim Scott, Senior Lecturer (Teaching And Research), University Of Dundee
Cpdin140 – Kevin Hodgson
Radio Edutalk 16-11-2016 – Natalie White – Curriculum Outdoors
Radio Edutalk 29-11-2016: Danny Murphy, University Of Edinburgh, On ‘Leadership In A Democratic Society’
Radio Edutalk 30-11-2016 – Ian Guest – Twitter Cpd
Radio Edutalk 06-12-2016: Alasdair Eadie, Lead Officer At Education Scotland, On ‘New Approaches To Inspection And Review’
Cpdin140 – Robert Jones
Radio Edutalk 13-12-2016: Amanda Simpson, University Of The West Of Scotland, What Scotland’S Future Workforce Think About ‘Decent Work’.
Cpdin140 – Stacey Ramm
Cpdin140 – Joe Dale
Cpdin140 – Sarah Thomas
Radio Edutalk 24-01-2017: Angela Gardner, Producer Of Informed Scotland, On ‘Learning & Skills Across The Landscape – The Hottest Topics In 2016 And What’S On The Horizon For 2017′
Cpdin 140 – Chris Bailey
Cpdin140 – John Johnston
Cpd In 140 – John Heffernan
Radio Edutalk 07-02-2017: Cria Sangster, Teacher Of Music, On ‘Learning And Teaching With Technology In The Music Classroom’
Radio Edutalk 15-02-2017 Malcolm Wilson
Radio Edutalk 21-02-2017: Stuart Farmer, Head Of Physics At Robert Gordon’S College, On ‘Professional Learning – What Place For Professional Bodies, Professional Learning Communities And Research And Evidence Informed Practice’
Radio Edutalk 22-02-2017 – Kenny Pieper – Reading For Pleasure
Radio #Edutalk 01-03-2017 Loose Learners Episode 1
Radio Edutalk 07-03-2017: Andy Cunningham, Staff Tutor For Health And Wellbeing At Dundee City Council, On ‘Getting It Right For Pupils Of Parents With Cancer’
Cpd In 140 – Kristian Still
Radio #Edutalk 08-03-2017 Sean Dowling – Oor Wullie Bucket Trail
Step Conference 2017: David Cameron Introduces Graeme Logan, Director At Education Scotland
Step Conference 2017 – David Cameron Introduces Chris Kilkenny – ‘A Black Box For The Education System: Lessons From A Crash’
Radio Edutalk 21-03-2017: Dominic Coughlin, King’S College London, On ‘The Development Of The Teachers’ Standards In England And Professional Standards For Teachers In Scotland’
Radio Edutalk 22-03-2017: Georgina Grace – Google Expeditions
Radio Edutalk 23-03-2017: Dr Janet Goodall, University Of Bath, Gives Annual Lecture Of The Scottish Parent Teacher Council
Step Conference 2017 – David Cameron’S Workshop
Radio Edutalk 28-03-2017: Adam Warsop, City And Guilds, On Their Range Of Programmes And Activities In Scotland
Radio #Edutalk 05-04-2017 Loose Learners Ep 2
Radio Edutalk 18-04-2017: Dr Gale Macleod, Senior Lecturer At The University Of Edinburgh, On ‘Closing The Gap’
Radio #Edutalk 07-06-2017 Loose Learners Ep 4: We Keep On Bragging
Radio Edutalk 30-05-2017: Geoff Leask, Chief Executive Of Young Enterprise Scotland, On ‘Walking The Walk Of Enterprise’
Audio Presentations From ‘Bridging The Gap’ Event At University Of Dundee On 25-05-2017
Pupils From A Primary School In Fife Talk About Possible Careers
Radio Edutalk 16-05-2017: Patrick Boxall, Director Of Create And Connect Learning, On ‘Making Creative Learning Happen In The Classroom’
Radio Edutalk 09-05-2017: Richard Holme, University Of Dundee, On ‘Do-It-Yourself’ Professional Development
Radio #Edutalk 03-05-2017 Loose Learners Ep 3: We Brag!
Radio Edutalk 25-04-2017: Kenny Stewart, The Open University In Scotland

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