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Montreal, Quebec Candiac, Quebec Metcalfe, Ontario Ottawa, Ontario Calgary, Alberta Edmonton, Alberta Grande Prairie, Alberta Brandon, Manitoba Edmonton, Alberta Moncton, New Brunswick
  Rosemount School Champlain Elementary School Metcalfe Public School Osgoode Township High School Ottawa School of Continuing Education (night classes) Algonquin College SAIT (night classes) University of Calgary University of Alberta   French Language Training
  Grade 4
The Eagle Report (home made newspaper)
Grade 5
Public Speaking Champion
The Mad Mod Portable (class yearbook)
Grade 6
Grade 7
Grade 8
Graduated Public School
Public Speaking Champion
Chess Champion
Grade 9
Public Speaking Champion
Grade 10
Public Speaking Champion
Grade 11
Public Speaking Champion
Reach for the Top
Grade 12
Reach for the Top
Grade 13
Graduated High School
Gauntlet, reporter
Gauntlet, sports editor
Gauntlet, editor
Gauntlet, editor
Gauntlet, entertainment editor, President of the Board
Graduated, BA (Philosophy, Honours First Class)
W.A. Cochrane Bursury
Graduate Representative Council, Member
Graduated, Masters (Philosophy)
GSA, VP Communications
GSA, VP Communications
GSA, President
Board of Governors, U of A
GSA, President
Board of Governors, U of A
Passed Comprehensive Exams
Passed Candidacy Exam
Federal Election Nomination (lost)
  Stephen's Web founded
Ran for Mayor
NewsTrolls founded
The Brandon Pages founded
  NTN Trivia, International Champion OLDaily founded
  Greeting Card Sales Consession stand worker, Lansdowne Park (Versa) Installer, Nortel Security Guard, NPS Computer Operator, Geophycisal Services Inc (Texas Instruments) Sales Clerk, 7-Eleven Editor, the Gauntlet TA, U of C Tutor, Athabasca University Distance Education and New Instructional Media Design Specialist, Assiniboine Community College Information Architect, University of Alberta Researcher, National Research Council
  Newspaper carrier,
Ottawa Citizen, Ottawa Journal

Camp Counsellor, Camp Opemikon (summer)

Waiter, Rideau Carleton Raceway   Dishwasher, Chomps Restaurant Pot washer, Food Services   Development Education Programmer, Arusha Centre Researcher, DECCA TA, U of A Sessional, U of A Instructor, Grande Prairie Regional College Internet Instructor (night school), Assiniboine Community College   Online Instructor, University of Manitoba (CCK08,09)
  England and Scotland (2 weeks)   Austin, Texas (3 months)   Cross-Canada rail trip (1 month)   Australia (3 months, 2 weeks) Rome, Milan (1 week) Lisbon, Portugal (1 week) Vienna, Austria (1 week)
Australia (1 month)
Palermo, Sicily (1 week)
Manchester, UK (1 week)
Holland (1 week)
Malmo, Sweden (1 week)
Anchorage, Alaska (1 week)
Magdaline Islands (3 weeks)
London, UK & Innsbruk, Austria (2 weeks)
Bogota, Colombia (1 week)
South Africa (2 weeks)
New Zealand (2 weeks)Barcelona, Spain (1 week)
London, UK (1 week)
Den Bosch, Holland (2 weeks)
Taipei, Taiwan (1 week)
Utrecht, Holland (1 week), Bogota and Medellin, Colombia (1 week)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (1 week)
Spain & Canary Islands (1 month)
Aachen, Germany (1 week)
Sydney & Melbourne, Australia (2 weeks)
Braga, Portugal (1 week)
Linz, Austria (1 week)
Barcelona, Spain (1 week)
Argentina (2 weeks)