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Scientific Pluralism
Epistemic Injustice: Power and the Ethics of Knowing
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NDPR John Christman, The Politics of Persons: Individual Autonomy and Socio-historical Selves
Christopher S. Hill, Consciousness
Richard Menary (ed.), The Extended Mind
Nuno Venturinha (ed.), Wittgenstein after His Nachlass
Scott Soames, What is Meaning?
NDPR Mark Rowlands, The New Science of the Mind: From Extended Mind to Embodied Phenomenology
NDPR John Bolender, The Self-Organizing Social Mind
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Review of Language, Form(s) of Life, and Logic: Investigations after Wittgenstein
Causation in Science and the Methods of Scientific Discovery
Neurocognitive Mechanisms: Explaining Biological Cognition
Referring to the World: An Opinionated Introduction to the Theory of Reference

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