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Rethinking the role of young people in a rapidly changing world
Stephen Downes, Oct 29, 2021, e21 Symposium, Ottawa, via Zoom

Panel at the e21 conference. I participated as a commentator; you can see my contribution beginning at 28:54 after the main speaker. Mostly what I talk about here is how to think about young people (specifically, not as defined by age, but as defined by experiences, which vary a lot across people). I argue in favour of autonomy for young people - and identify programs which focus on innovation and entrepreneurship as just another way of telling them what to do. And I argue that if we want to support young people, we should make sure they have the resoruces they need to bring their ideas to fruition.

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Are Upstart Online Providers Getting Better at Teaching Than Traditional Colleges?
Stephen Downes, Oct 29, 2021, EdSurge Podcast,

In this edition of the EdSurge Podcast Jeffrey R. Young interviews me at some length about the present and future of MOOCs. This audio has my side of the audio (so you'll have to imagine what the questions are). I haven't been able to find the finished interview on the EdSurge podcast (the current link is just a placeholder) but I'm pretty sure I didn't just imagine it.

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