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Conceptualization of a Platform to Generate Personalized Open Online Courses (POOCs)
Stefan Pasterk, Lukas Pagitz, Albin Weiß, Andreas Bollin, Société suisse des Informatique, 2021/10/06


This is a presentation deck from a conference a couple of months ago. The authors here introduce yet another acronym, Personalized Open Online Course (POOC). It surveys a number of approaches and defines its own, DigiFit4All (DF4A). The idea is that resources (specifically, OERs) are stored in a project repository, competency models form the basis for the course, and learning paths based on a graph model. Personalization comes in through development of the learning paths; graph management is provided by a graph-based environment for competency and knowledge-item organization (GECKO). The authors really love acronyms! I know from experience that building an architecture is a lot harder than designing one, so I wish them the best.

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