On-Line Teaching and Learning
Logging On To the MAUD

Telnet to the MAUD

The MAUD is accessed over the internet using telnet. For those of you who already know how to use telnet, the address is:

   maud.cariboo.bc.ca  4000

If you are reading this page using a web browser (such as Netscape, Mosaic, etc.) then you should be able to log on to the MUD by clicking on this link:


If this link does not work for you, you need to download a telnet client and define it as a helper application for your browser. Please click here for more detailed instructions on how to do this.

If you are reading this page using Lynx (that is, if you have text-only access to the internet, usually referred to as shell access) then you need to enter a command from your main system prompt. If the computer you log into is a unix system, then at the prompt, enter the command:

   telnet maud.cariboo.bc.ca 4000

If the computer you log into is a vax/vms system, then at the prompt, enter the command:

   telnet maud.cariboo.bc.ca/port=4000

If you need further assistance, please ask for help on the MAUDL list server.

Logging On To The MAUD

You will know that you have successfully reached the MAUD when you see the large Painted Porch screen.

At the bottom of this screen, the MAUD asks you to enter your name. If you are a new user, type:


and then press enter. At this point MAUD will ask you to select a user name for yourself. You may pick any name you want. If somebody else is using the name you picked, MAUD will tell you and ask you to make another selection.

Next, MAUD will ask you to select a password. Select any string of text at least six (6) characters. If your password is unacceptable, MAUD will tell you. Write your password down. MAUD passwords are very secure, and if you lose it, not even the system administrator can retrieve it for you.

MAUD next asks you for your gender. This is not because we care, but because MAUD needs pronouns (for example, the system may say Mary lifts her glass).

After you log in as a new user, you are sent to a MAUD tutorial. You should allow about a half hour to complete the tutorial. You cannot use any other MAUD facility until you have completed the tutorial (long and hard experience has taught us that this is the way to go).

At the end of the tutorial, you are asked to register. Participants at the CADE seminar should register as conference. You will then be transported to the conference area of the MAUD.

The next time you log on, when asks for your name, enter your user name. When it asks for your password, enter your password. If you have completed the tutorial, you will be transported directly to the conference facility.