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What’s new with Mobilizon?
Framasoft, 2019/09/09


Mobilizon is an effort to create a decentralized events and groups tool designed to free these fiunctionalities from Facebook and enable people to manage their own events without being monetized by the Facebook machine. In the September newsletter they report that go-fund-me fundraising has been successful, and they released wireframes of the proposed product, which is slated for testing this fall. Via Doug Belshaw on Mastodon.

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Public Data Summit: Open Personal Data for the Common Good
Ton Zijlstra, Interdependent Thoughts, 2019/09/09


This post points to some of the contradictions in current attitudes to data and the internet. We want open data, especially when open data creates a social good. But we want personal privacy, up to and including the GDPR's "right to be forgotten". But we can't have both. The presumption is generally to err on the side of personal privacy (at least in North America and Europe). But maybe that's wrong? What if "in order to realise the full potential of open (government) data, we probably need to be more relaxed in sharing personal data as well?" As it is argued, "a huge amount of our personal data is not directly created or held by me, as it is data about behavioural patterns." I see you on the street and write "I saw John on the street," is this your data? Some good questions.

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