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Linking Liability
Lindsay McKenzie, Inside Higher Ed, 2019/08/16


The original (and much better) title of this piece was "Legal questions raised over links to Sci-Hub". The article is about the story of Citationsy, covered here two weeks ago. The emphasis is on the legal threats being made by publishers over the service's linking to Sci-Hub. "Whether linking to materials that violate copyright law 'is or is not a copyright violation' doesn't have a straightforward answer," says an expert, and it's precisely that ambiguity that will allow publishers to limit speech in this way. The Sci-Hub website moves around a lot but you can always find it here.

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How to Extract Audio from a Video
Richard Byrne, Free Technology for Teachers, 2019/08/16


This video from Richard Byrne explains how to extract the audio from a video. This way you could add it to a podcast. He uses an Apple computer and GarageBand. I have neither. So I created a video explaining how to convert an MP4 video to an MP3 audio using Windows 10 and ffmpeg. The text in this video is a lot clearer than my last one, and it's only 10 minutes long.

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