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Stephen Downes, Jan 01, 2018, ,

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25 education trends for 2018
Meris Stansbury, eSchool News, 2018/01/01


This is a booklet (20 page PDF) with a set of predictions from various EdTech writers. The participants include a mix of school officials and (mostly) e-learning technology provider representatives. Immersive experiences and hyperconvergence highlight the trends. As well, "as competency-based learning bursts the boundaries of the online and virtual learning spaces and moves directly into the classroom where it is becoming the foundation of, as opposed to a supplement to, broader learning."

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2018 eLearning Predictions: Updated Hype Curve
Andy Hicken, Web Courseworks, 2018/01/01


I like the use of the hype cycle diagram to tie together these predictions for 2018. The advantage of using the hype cycle is that you're reporting on trends rather than specific things. This makes the predicting easier and more general. For example: "we’ll see greater application in the next three years or so." The technologies described are pretty specific, though: Distributed CE ledgers ("AKA credit hours as cryptocurrency"), value-based accreditation, "electronic health records (EHR) data being incorporated into performance improvement projects," and "getting your high-fidelity medical simulator to talk to your LMS and LRS" (we did that a couple of years ago in LPSS).

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How to Use Flipgrid - A 2017 Favorite
Richard Byrne, Free Technology for Teachers, 2018/01/01


If you find your way through the advertisements you'll enjoy this article and video describing Fripgrid, a service that allows users to post their own video responses on your course or website. Richard Byrne writes, "Back in November Caroline Schaab was kind enough to author a guest post in which she shared four ways to use Flipgrid in fourth grade."

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The Stories We Were Told in 2017 about Education Technology


This is Audrey Watters's final wrap-up for 2017, consisting of 11 major articles plus a variety of other stories and studies. My only criticism is that she is too U.S.-focused. But this pales in comparison to the scale of the effort here - it's essentially a full book (whch she could probably compile and sell on Learnpub). Her studies of "who's funding whom" are especially welcome, as the education technology market is now big money and the players don't always have the needs of students, schools and society at the top of their lists of priorities

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