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Autonomy, technology and prediction I: some conceptual remarks
Nicklas Lundblad, Perscrutor, 2017/06/19


I think that the people who are all concerned about whether technology can predict what we want and will do have it backwards. Who cares whether it predicts what I'm going to do. I want it to predict what other people are going to do. If it helps me get along with other people - knowing who to trust and who not, knowing what they want and what they need (and maybe even what they will pay) - that's valuable beyond measure, and not just to corporations, but to me personally. Think about it. Via Doug Belshaw.

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With a ‘students-first’ motto, can Udacity make ‘lifelong learning’ mainstream?
Harshith Mallya, Harshith Mallya, YourStory, 2017/06/19


There are two stories in this item. First is the story itself, which is about Udacity's presence in India, and its provision of "education across platforms from the web to its mobile app and even offline sessions and ‘hiring drives’, codenamed ‘Propel’." The second is the YourStory platform itself, which is basically an entrepreneur's network. Not just a database, it creates opportunities for them to tell their story in an interesting and engaging way. "We have published close to 60,000 stories of entrepreneurs and change-makers and helped more than 50,000 entrepreneurs access networking and funding opportunities," they write

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