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by Stephen Downes
[Sept] 04, 2015

This Robot Tutor Will Make Personalizing Education Easy
Issie Lapowsk, Wired, 2015/09/04


Wired is still on the Knewton bandwagon. "Personalizing a lesson means creating even more work than already time-strapped, under-resourced teachers can handle... Jose Ferreira and his company, Knewton, have spent the last seven years working on a way to fix that problem with technology. Today, they’re launching the results of that work: a new, free tool that aims to automate personalized instruction for teachers."

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Welcome Videos For New Students
Ashley Budd, Higher Ed Live, 2015/09/04

This is a selection of some of their favourite welcome videos (I confess I did not survey the field and so cannot comment on whether they are actually the best). "Summer sessions come to a close and college campuses are buzzing with new students. Many institutions capture the spirit of Move-in Day, freshmen induction ceremonies and the first days of classes than with a short sharable video that is sure to put a smile on the faces of students, parents, staff and alumni."

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Revisiting Vernor Vinge’s “predictions” for 2025
Vernor Vinge, 2015/09/04

Of all the predictions outline here, this is the one that seems most interetsing: "people can send silent messages without talking or (openly) typing. It does feel like the kind of application that could take off." It's the soprt of invention that would start out not very usefully - you could send a 'ping' subvocally. But before long we will  be sending copyrighted thoughts subvocally. Then what?

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From Possibilties to Priorities: Inspiring a Vision for Learning
Johnny Bevacqua, Connected Principals, 2015/09/04


One of the lings we learn bout in philosophy is the phenomenon whereby the questuion contains the answer it is seeking. Here's one: “What should teaching and learning look like at the school in its next century?” Why would we suppose education in the next century would take place in schools?

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