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by Stephen Downes
Jun 16, 2015

The Web Will Either Kill Science Journals or Save Them
Julia Greenberg, Wired, 2015/06/16


Even more on the recently released report asserting that academic publishing is in the hands of an oligarchy. This is an interview with one of the report's author's. He nicely summarizes the dilemma academics find themselves in: "If you switch to a totally collaborative world where you put everything online, then we need to get rid of the evaluation culture, because as long as there’s an evaluation culture no one will do that."

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'Poshness tests' block working-class applicants at top companies
Matthew Weaver, The Guardian, 2015/06/16


This is part of the explanation of why education alone is insufficient to ensure social and economic equity in society: "as university education has become more prevalent employers have turned their attention to other characteristics 'such as personal style, accent and mannerisms, adaptability, team working'. These 'soft skills' were repeatedly found to be interpreted as 'proxies for ‘talent’'." In different societies what counts as 'posh' varies, but those from elite backgrounds always have ways of recognizing their own.

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