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by Stephen Downes
Jan 14, 2015

The Hype is Dead, but MOOCs Are Marching On
Don Huesman, Knowledge@Wharton, 2015/01/14


MOOCs are emerging from the "trough of disillusionment," says Coursera co-founder Daphne Koller in this Wharton interview. The discussion focuses on the value of MOOCs, especially for things link continuing professional development, and Coursera's "verified certificates," which she says are the company's primary source of revenue. There's also discussion of the "cohort model," which sounds a bit like the serialized feeds discussed here years back. As for growth: "we are hosting nearly 900 courses and I expect to have 1,000 courses on our platform by early 2015. In three years, we’ll have 5,000 courses, which is about the curriculum of your average medium to large university," she says.

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The Drivers of a Successful BYOD Initiative
Eric Sheninger, A Principal's Reflections, 2015/01/14

"The overall goal of any BYOD (Bring Your Own Device - see more) initiative should be to support and enhance student learning," writes Eric Sheninger.  "It should not be implemented as a way to just pacify students by allowing them to use their devices only during non-instructional time or to eliminate discipline issues." The post then highlights a number of policy considerations, including planning, student and teacher professional development, and infrastructure.

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