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by Stephen Downes
Dec 05, 2014

A Scalable and Sustainable Approach to Open Access Publishing and Archiving for Humanities and Social Sciences
Rebecca Kennison, Lisa Norberg, KN Consultants, 2014/12/05


I'm not really sure how much I support this - the idea of centralizing the system does not really appeal to me - but anything is better than the current system, and the proposal does address the problems inherent in the open access model based on individual payments made by researchers to publishers. By contrast, the proposal authors write, "Our model, in contrast, asks tertiary institutions to contribute to systemic support of the research process itself, including its entire scholarly output — whether article, monograph, dataset, conference presentation, multimodal Web site, or format not yet envisioned. Our model looks to societies to play a central role within the scholarly communication ecosystem, and for academic libraries to become true partners with them." A white paper (83 page PDF) is available.

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Community Radio Continuous Improvement Toolkit, Version 2.0
Vinod Pavarala, Kanchan K. Malik, Vasuki Belavadi, Aditya Deshbandhu, Preeti Raghunath, Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia (CEMCA), 2014/12/05


Regular readers of OLDaily know how much I love radio, and community radio has to be one of my favourite versions of the medium. The primary purpose of community radio is to provide access to all to the public airwaves. To do this they "promote access to media facilities and to training, production and distribution facilities as a primary step towards full democratisation of the communication system" and "offer the opportunity to any member of the community to initiate communication and participate in programme making and evaluation, encouraging local creative talent and foster local traditions." The "are motivated by community well-being, not commercial considerations" and "promote the right to communicate, assist the free flow of information and opinions, encourage creative expression and contribute to the democratic process and a pluralist society." All that means that the process of participating in a community radio station is at least as important as the product they put on the air. This is also the model I have employed in the creation of community newspapers, and the model I follow when developing tools and systems for online learning.

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