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by Stephen Downes
Nov 28, 2014

Twitter Is Tracking Users’ Installed Apps for Ad Targeting
Jack Marshall, Wall Street Journal | Digits, 2014/11/28

So now Twitter is spying on you. Surprised? "Twitter is now collecting information about the apps installed on users’ devices in order to better target and tailor advertising and other content to them."

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Affiliation and Ignite
Chris Kennedy, Culture of Yes, 2014/11/28

This is a pretty key statement, I think: "Our profession will not be mandated into meeting the needs of modern learners but the power of networks and new thinking around affiliation can help diffuse the work." It is the way we work as individuals, and work with learners as individuals, that will define the new structures of learning. This isn't atomism or individualism in some sort of Ayn Rand sense; rather, it's redefining the institution from being some sort of large structure into some sort of more nimble network.

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Colossus: A New Service Framework from Tumblr
Dan Simon, Tumblr Engineering, 2014/11/28

I got this link from Andriy Drozdyuk, one of the developers working on LPSS. It describes a framework called Colussus developed by Tumblr to support the implementation of microservices. "These are small, specialized applications designed to efficiently encapsulate a single feature or component." They are coded using a toolkit called akka, designed to "raise the abstraction level and provide a better platform to build scalable, resilient and responsive applications." This feels a lot like Ruby on Rails did when it was first introduced, and while it had its quirks, Rails became an important and influential framework. Here are some other HTTP frameworks built using akka.

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