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by Stephen Downes
[Sept] 18, 2014

The Open Education Professional Directory
Various authors, Open Education Consortium, 2014/09/18


If you're looking for speakers, consultants or experts to assist you with issues related to open educational resources, you can't do better than the The Open Education Professional Directory. As Mary Lou Forward from the Open Education Consortium writes, "Through the directory, agencies, institutions and other parties interested in open education can find experienced professionals that fit their needs. Open education professionals will be able to more easily find colleagues for joint projects and other collaborations. The directory will also provide greater exposure and visibility for individuals and the open education movement in general." I'm listed, as are dozens of others to choose from.

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Is there a Canadian market for American online programs?
Tony Bates, online learning and distance edcuation resources, 2014/09/18


Really good article from Tony Bates that comprehensively answers the question in the title. It begins with a dead-on accurate remark about hiring consultants, and then explains why the Canadian higher education market is what they call 'mature': costs are lower in Canada than the U.S., Canadian education is already high quality, and most every Canadian already has access to the learning they need ("51% of Canadians go on from high school to university, and 60% to some form of publicly-funded post-secondary education"). Conversely, Canadian universities face significant barriers marketing in the U.S.: "the U.S. accreditation system is byzantine and bizarre, and totally ill-adapted to the move to online, distance education." Also, "many U.S. citizens don’t even know where Canada is, let alone know whether the University of Waterloo is a bona fide institution."

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