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by Stephen Downes
[Sept] 17, 2014

Games are serious business at news organizations
Benjamin Mullin, Poynter, 2014/09/17

News agencies are learning the same lessons as educators about engagement, including, for example, games. "We process, retain and share experiences differently than reports," Grace said. "Reports can be very efficient, but they may not have lasting impact. You can receive a report and forget the facts and figures, but an experience lasts in a different way."

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Linked Data Platform Access Control
Ashok Malhotra, World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), 2014/09/17


In an email to the respective groups titled "Marriage made in heaven or pistols at dawn?", Phil Archer introduces the Open Digital Rights Language (ODRL) and the Linked Data Platform (LPD) work groups to each other, this all under the heading of LDP Access Control. "Both groups are essentially talking about access control one way or another. Both communities are asking for a new WG to take this forward." I think we have a pretty good question here: are digital rights and digital platforms the same in this way? To we want to merge the security we use to manage our websites with the security publishers use to manage their digital resources?

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3 Questions to Ask Before Implementing Predictive Analytics for Online Student Success
Ellen Wagner, Academic Impressions, 2014/09/17


Ten minute podcast from Ellen Wagner things to keep in mind regarding predictive analytics, and specifically:

  • "What will predictive modeling give you that your current strategies cannot address?
  • What research questions will lead to the most actionable results?
  • What should institutions be doing to prepare for a shifting mindset?"

She writes, "Implementing a predictive framework that looks forward, not back can be a substantial shift in thinking."

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