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by Stephen Downes
February 25, 2014

REL 2014
Stephen Downes, Half an Hour, February 25, 2014


We're running a MOOC en français starting next Monday on Open Educational Resources (OERs). There's a page available where you can sign up. It's not a long MOOC - 10 weeks - and it will feature a variety of interesting participants. The MOOC was created by the L’Organisation internationale de la Francophonie (OIF) and was developed by the Université de Moncton. I will be facilitating and a good numner of NRC people are also contibuting (see the introductory video for more).

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10 Things I’ve Learned (So Far) from Making a Meta-MOOC
Cathy N. Davidson, Hybrid Pedagogy, February 25, 2014

Cathy Davidson was more than a little surprised and bemused when she was arbitrarily named one of the leading figures in MOOCs by the Chronicle of Higher Education. "I've been ambivalently interested in MOOCs," she wrote at the time, "with more than a healthy degree of scepticism that the current form will persist in the future." Still, she has since then embraced her newly minted expert status with gusto, having worked since then to learn something about the subject in which she was now a designated expert. So we have here today an article listing ten things she learned from actually making a MOOC. It takes her nine points to get to the main point of MOOCs, but at least she getss there: "The best use of MOOCs may not be to deliver uniform content massively but to create communities and networks of passionate learners galvanized around a particular topic of shared interest." See also the HASTAC Future Ed Discussion group link.

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