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October 31, 2013

OERs and Open Online Courses
Stephen Downes, October 31, 2013, World Innovation Summit in Education, Doha, Qatar

Discussion of the role of OERs in MOOCs, with particular attention to the MOOC we are offering with UdeM in French on OERs (RELs in French). Originally planned to be delivered in English, then when the French-language speaker wasn't able to make it I tried to switch to French, but the effort failed miserably. But we proceeded with a live translator, so the audio begins in French, then switches to English with French translation. And I learn I still need to work a lot more on my conversational (technical) French.

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Mozilla, October 31, 2013

Cited in Mark Surman's talk at WISE today. I've mentioned in the past that I'm not really a fan of the 'maker' terminology (because it's a meme launched to publicize 'Make' magazine) but I do support the idea of learning by creating and immersion. Surman also talked about web literacies, which he places alongside reading, writing and doing math.

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Mooc rival OERu puts accreditation on menu
Chris Parr, Times Higher Education, October 31, 2013

OERu officially launches today. I've talked about it quite a bit over the years. "Students who complete an Open Educational Resources University course will be able to pay a fee to have their work assessed for academic credit, which would then be recognised by all the universities participating in the OERu." I'm not sure I would exactly characterize OERu as a 'MOOC rival' - but I guess if you're depicting web movements to create access to credentials, you could see it in that light.

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